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Default Continous buzzing when using a ClearChat headset

I have recently purchased a brand new Logitech ClearChat wireless headset,EN
The headset works fine with other programs like Skype or Flash-based video/audio recording tools. However when I connect to our vent server, my guildmates can hear a very loud humming/buzzing sound even when I am not talking and a few times when I turn off the mic. And you can see the visual indicator that I am transmitting.

I have tried to change the sensitivity with no luck. I can only assume that this is a bug or incompatibility of the vent client with that headset since other programs work without any problem? BTW, I did install the firmware update posted by Logitech last January.

Many thanks,


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do you hear the problem when you Test in setup?
what are your setup settings? a screenshot will be best.
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I'm having the exact same problem with the same headset, but wired (ClearChat Premium PC).
I hear the buzzing in the test function; however, in the test function of vent, I cannot hear my voice at all, only the buzzing sound. I "built-in line input" selected, with "line input" at it's highest, in PTT mode. I see my mic icon go green when connected to a vent server, but my system settings does not recognize a microphone connection at all, whether i select "line in" or "digital in" for input.
Any help would be appreciated, and if this headset is not intended to work with macintosh, is there any way to make ventrilo recognize a usb based microphone? Because when i have a usb mic attached to the computer, my system recognizes it, when i select the input "c-media usb headset". But, vent does not have this same input, and thus does not detect the mic.
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I do not know for shure if this will work, however I had the same problem (not in vent but with everything) where my comp would not recognize my mic was pluged in and all you got was a staticky buzz.

Anyway for a XP user go like this: Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds Speech and Audio Devices -> Sounds and Audio Devices. Click the voice tab in the Voice Recording are near bottom there should be a drop down menu. Try the different drop down settings to fix it! I hope this helped PM me if it didnt or if you need better directions!
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