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Default Sound Effect Wav Problems


The problem is simple- some ventrilo .wav files are working great, and others not. When I connect and disconnect from the server I hear a perfect ventrilo .wav file. When others connect or switch channels then I hear a very static distorted .wav sound. It does a kind of pop and can get really loud at times. I just recently bought a wireless headset that runs off creative sound quality software, and this sound problem did not start until I started using this headset. I am not convinced its the headset because when I go into the ventrilo folder and play the .wav files individually, they work fine. Did something go wrong when I installed this software, and if it did, how do I put my own custom sounds to these files in order for me to hear it instead of the default sounds.

Thank you for your time
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what do they sound like if you goto vent setup/events folder then select an event and clik the play button
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