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Question Playing music and listening to vent

I searched the forums but the only things I could find were related to people who want to play music TO vent, which is not what I want to do.

Has anyone found a Mac application that can mix audio inputs based on volume? For example, music plays at normal volume until someone starts to talk. At that point the music is decreased to 10% volume and vent is at normal volume.

My concern is that I sometimes have problems picking out exactly what people are saying with background noise, but also enjoy music when noone is talking. I'd also like to be considerate and lessen the likelyhood of feeding my horrible music tastes back into vent.

I can't believe vent dosen't just have the ability to play mp3s and mute them when someone is talking. =)
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changing the volume of your local media player?
sorry, but there is currently no feature to do this.
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