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Default Robotic voice..

I have read the FAQ and found two topics similar to the problem I'm having, both with the same fixes, however those fixes are not working for me..
My friend and I recently got ventrilo to play world of warcraft, and have had this problem the whole time, we are both using mac computers with the same version of leopard, and the exact same headsets. The only difference between us is she does not use the push to talk feature and I do. As we play her voice progressivley gets worse and more robitic/staticy sounding, it seems that when she talks loudly it triggers it.. It can be fixed by either restarting ventrilo or just going into the setup menu and then closing it and then she sounds normal again, but then of course it always goes bad again within about 5 minutes, she doesnt have this problem with my voice so I've got no idea what it could be. The only thing I could think of is either the push to talk being disabled for her, or " In setup enable the "Use DirectSound for input device". This might help." was something to try in the FAQ, but I can't find anything like that.. windows only? or am I just missing it?

Thanks for any help
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