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Default New Ventrilo User needs help

I was playing WoW and jumped on with a group.

I know about the problems w/ Mac Versus PC clients.

This group said I shouldn 't have an issue b/c they have a few Mac users so they seemed to have made the appropriate switches so Mac users can chime in an listen, talk etc.

Well, I was able to hear the group talk through my speakers which was good, but when i plugged in these Cyber Acoustic head set i bought (i don't know the model, but 30 bucks) the sound crapped out.
I went to sound in system pref and hit saw "Unknown UBS Audio" but nothing.

When i unplugged the headset, the sound came back on and i can hear the group again couldn't talk but could hear.

The sound wasn't muted by the check boxes at the bottom, so i know that wasn't the issue.

Anyone have any ideas what the issue may be???

Thank you for taking the time out.
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Sounds like the issue is the headset doesn't properly implement the right USB standards.

I'd try another USB headset - preferably from a major manufacturer like Logitech.
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does the manufacturer state MAC compatibility? I would contact the manufacturer about the issue.

I am assuming the headset does not work at all for all applications on the MAC given your description.
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