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Default Constant high ping

For the past month or so, I've been having very high ping spikes that would last the night. And be 'normal' the next day, and sometimes shoot up again later on. I used to happen like once or two a month, but lately it's been every night.

It won't disconnect me, the ping just reaches for the stars and eventually I can't hear a thing (vent basically freezes).

Any ideas/suggestions?
If you need any specific detail that I didn't give lemme know.
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That sounds like like a server issue, or a connection between you and the server.

I would suggest using Network Utility to ping the server IP address. Do it a couple of times when you have good connections to establish a baseline.

Then, when you have very high ping, try it again and see what it is.

Most likely it is server related, not Ventrilo client related, so once we have comparative numbers we can provide better support. Also, please note what type of Mac you have, OS version and vent version.
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