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Default Lag spikes


First of all I am no tech whizz, so please excuse me if I am being stupid.

Ok so I have been using vent for quite a while now; I play wow and vent at the same time and I have never had trouble with it before.

This is the problem; I log onto vent for the first minute or two I can talk fine; ping usually around 21-30... then all of a sudden my ping starts to shoot up and back down. Everyone says my voice goes choppy and everyone else who is talking, their voices go choppy too!

Mac's specs; Processor; 2 GHz, intel core 2 duo, Memory: 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Run Mac os 10.6.5
(again I am no tech whizz I got this from "about this mac" sorry if it is of no use)

any thoughts or ideas?

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Not quite enough info to go on... That issue could be caused by other processes running on your Mac, Wireless connection, Internet Connection, Laggy connection to the server or a variety of other issues.

Are you connected to your router wirelessly? If so, so can plug directly in and try again?

Do you have virus protection software installed on your Mac? If so, what happens when you disable it?

Are you running anything else at the same time you are using WoW and Vent? If so, what is it?

When the issues occurs does the WoW ping go up as well?

Can you try to connect to another Vent server and see what your Ping is doing? The free trial ones at Darkstar LLC work fine for a quick test. See #15 is the Ventrilo Mac Troubleshooting thread and see what your ping is
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