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Default Problem with server set up

I'm trying to host my own free vent. I have a router Dynex model- dx-e402. Ive been trying to set it up in many different ways. I opened the port and set up a static ip but it still did not work. I tried using for it but the best i could do was to logging to it myself even though it took a good 2 minutes for the logging but even so no one else was able to logging. After that didnt work I tried enabling DMZ with my static ip and even though its enabled the best i could do was again logging myself after a good 2 minutes but no one else could. I dont know what im doing wrong... Ive followed a bunch of different guides to the T and nothing.
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did you configure the router for portforwarding as described here:

Testing Local Connection

For PC’s connecting on the same LAN as the server:
If you’re connecting the client from a different PC than the server then configure the client to use one of the internal ipaddresses of the server for the servername. The LAN ipaddress is typically set to 192.168.x.x

If you’re running the client on the same PC as the server then configure the client to use or “localhost” as the Hostname (ipaddress).

Most home routers will not loopback a connection if you specify your external ipaddress or DNS hostname in the Ventrilo Client > Server setup. In most cases this configuration has caused unexpected problems.
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