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Default Users logged on twice!

I have a problem with users on my server who seem to have their names logging on twice or even three times! Then they randomly log on and off.
I've checked the IP's when a user is displayed twice and they match, so it doesn't seem to be someone spamming my server with an identical user name. Could it be a glitch with my server or possibly a glitch with the clients themselves?

Only 5 of my friends use my server and this problem has happened to 2 of them so far. Any ideas?
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sounds like a couple users are contantly getting disconnected, possiby due to network issues. when this happens it could leave their name on the list for a short time and when they re-connect you see 2 of them. have your friends watch the main vent window to see if their pings are getting very large or if their disconnecting. the other thing you can do is set the ventrilo_srv.ini to not allow duplicates.
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we see these zombied users when the network disappears from under the client. either by network disconnectivity issues or massive packet loss.

the zombied user will timeout eventually
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this is one issue im having but I'm not losing connectivity on anything else though when im on a game playing the game just keeps on running and i dont actually disconnect from vent. Alls me or my girlfriend hear is another person log on and its usually me has only happend to her once or twice but i never get disconnected unless i have it set to where u cant have a ghost user in channels to listen.

also as of just the other day when my antivirus updated im getting a massive ping now on ventrillo that has spiked in upwards of 5000 and didnt start happening until just the other day.Idk if it might be our server we rent or something else but the service was great for the first couple of months we rented our first original server.

Howerver after that we started getting the ghost log ins and never getting disconnected from vent it still happens to me from time to time i dont ever get a point though where its disconnected and has to reconnect to the server I just get booted from whatever game were playing at the time.And as for the massive ping it just started happening after one of the updates on my antivirus program which it does ever few hours afterwards i went and added all ventrillo files/applications to exclusions just to see if thatd help fix the problem and it didnt help any either.
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