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Default Record(Input) Button configuration for mac?

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and just wanted to get some help on a bit of a problem I have. I was browsing some some pictures/videos on how to configure and personalize Ventrillo when i stumbled upon a fact.

Macs that support Ventrillo have less options to configure your input/output if you get my gist. One of the main things I am hunting for that is available for a PC and not for a mac (or so I am thinking) Is the Record(Input) button on the "Voice" configuration tab.

Please forgive me in advance if I don't use the proper technical terms for this, But I took some pictures to give you some examples for what I am looking to find, Please look over them if you don't understand what I am getting at from the above text.

PC Configuration option.

My mac configuration options.

Any help is welcome!
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yes, the mac client does not include that button. all the button does is open the audio settings in the OS. i can't say for sure but the next version of the client will probably be similar in all versions.

the record button would open this:

goto > System Preferences->Sound
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