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Default Microphone Stops sending voice.

Microphone Stops sending voice.

Im having a problem where when i run ventrilo and OBS at the same time and it will cut out my microphone and stop sending voice out on both applications.
Both programs work perfectly fine on their own however when i run them together it breaks. Times vary most of the time it happens within 5 minutes but I have had it working for
over an hour without issues. The only way for me to fix this problem once it breaks is to either stop OBS and Ventrilo and start them over again, or reset my microphone either
by unplugging the USB or through the sound properties Disable than Enable device.
I use Virtual audio cables to redirect sound but have had the problem even after troubleshooting without the Virtual audio cables in the mix. My normal is setup is Line 1 Default
Line 2 for Ventrilo use. Audio repeaters to my headphones.
The error i get in ventrilo is

"Your sound input device has stopped sending data to the Ventrilo client. Please verify that your sound drivers are up to date,
that you have selected the correct sound input device and that it is properly attached to your computer. USB microphone devices can come loose and some sound cards will
shutdown the input port if your microphone is not properly connected to the sound card.

If you click Setup, and then click the OK button, the Ventrilo client will attempt to reset your sound input device."

OBS doesnt give me an error it just stops broadcasting my voice.

I dont know which group to seek help from but im posting on both in hopes of some help.

I am streaming through twitch (although im not sure that would matter)

My setup includes a focusrite scarlett 2i2 - usb mixer, audio technica at2035 - microphone. I am running windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I usually run different steam games,
mostly Dont starve together and awesomenauts.

If you need any other specifics please let me know.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!
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ok, let's try these options first:

Disabling non-essential Audio Devices - Vista/Windows-7/8

Windows Control-Panel > Sound > Playback & Recording tabs > rt-click in the window and select "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" > rt-click on all unused devices and select "disable"
sounds like there might be a problem between usb devices and windows directx since unplugging the mic seems to remedy the problem. try moving the the usb audio device to a different usb port.
use this tool to check the usb bandwidth and power usage:
(also try unchecking 'allow computer to turn off this device' in power mgt tab)

To determine the USB bandwidth used by devices connected to the USB host

1. When the problem is occurring, click Start > Control Panel > System >
Device manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > "+" next to Universal
Serial Bus Controllers.

2. Double-click one of the listed USB universal host controllers. (Each line
in the list refers to a separate USB port on the host controller.)

3. In the dialog box that appears, click the Advanced tab and check the
Bandwidth Used.

4. The amount of bus bandwidth a device uses appears as a percentage of all
available bandwidth from the USB host controller while the device is being
used. In some cases, the system may also reserve a small amount of
bandwidth, so you'll notice that small percentage is reserved even if the
device is not being used.

You should attach the devices that consume the most bandwidth to a separate
USB host controller's hub, or remove a device from the bus so that the
remaining devices have more available data transmission bandwidth.

check for this:

Steam Games - Microphone input switches when launching a game

can you post the following plz:


Start > Run

Click the 'Save All' button
File is saved to the desktop as "DxDiag.txt"
Copy/paste the information (up to, and including, the [PS/2 Devices] section) to the forum. The information might have to be separated into multiple posts due to the maximum character limitation.
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