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Default Thank you Flagship

For your hawt leetness. Vent owns

When I can find a guild that uses speex.

Please for the love of all things digital, include GSM in the next version of the mac prototype. Please.

I know its easy to change, in theory yes. But getting 70+ people in a new guild to change for a newb is impossible.
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Want to also add my thanks for continuing to update the Mac client and bringing it closer and closer to the full featured 'doze client at nearly the speed of light.

((Also, instead of implementing the crappy GSM codec into the Mac Client, I want to advocate removing it from the Windoze client... on behalf of the SDGC... The Society for the Death of the GSM Codec!! Our motto: "Eliminate this crappy codec in our Lifetime!" heheh. Speex all the way baby!!))
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Come to think of it. Thats a really good idea haha :/ I know the pain of it. the person who pays for ventrilo refuses to change over to speex ive even offerd to pay for the server haha.
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