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Default Windows Users not being able to speak

Hi again, since upgrading to Speex, several guildies using Windows are unable to be heard, even though they can hear everything fine.

Anyone else had this trouble?

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What sound cards do they have?
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Default Fix

A few of my guildies had the problem, this is the fix.

Have them install the latest beta (currently 3 for windows). Log into vent, make sure the problem persists... if not, you're done. If not... The person who cannot be heard should:

Type windows key + E (windows explorer)
--Tools/Folder Options.
---View/Show hidden files - enabled. (Make sure Vent is not running)
Make sure C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Ventrilo does not exist. Meaning, you should have no Ventrilo folder in the Application Data folder. If it does, delete. (Back up your Vent Server address!)

Restart Vent, add in user/server info. Do not change any input/output settings (when changed this seemed to produce the static noises that were the problem... so keep default settings for now). Test with someone who was having problem being heard. If still no, try quitting, deleting that folder again and retest.

Deleting this folder and its contents (settings) has worked for all my guildies having problems
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