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Default Vent 4.0, porting 3.0 data

Hey, I didn't see this when I was looking through the FAQ's so if this is somewhere else sorry for re-posting.

I've recently started using 4.0 64 bit and previously used 3.0 64 bit. The first d/l and usage was fine and my 3.0 data auto ported over to 4.0.

However, I did a reset of my PC this week and now the data is gone on 4.0 it's still there in my 3.0, how do I get it to auto transfer? I removed and reinstalled but it didn't correct itself, nor do my individual user settings stay attached I had to manually move those as well last night and again today as they didn't save again.

Thanks for any assistance!
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delete or rename the VentriloData folder located in your system Documents folder.
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