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Maury Markowitz
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Default Advice for renting a server?

I was poking about but I didn't really see anything like this:

Does anyone have a FAQ-like document about how to select a hosted Ventrillo service? I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure what questions I should be asking. I've seen a few things from wade's posts, like:

* make sure there's a web-based control panel so you can fix minor things yourself

* the Mac client needs the Speex codec, not GSM, so be sure they use that

Anything else I should be asking?

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Many (most) of these companies do not have telephone support. If they stop responding to email or you can't get to the website to open a ticket, it's the problem. Don't really have a solution to that, other than to say, pick a company with a good reputation.

My recommendations:

1) You often get what you pay for. The cheapest hosting service is not a bargin if they don't respond.

2) Check out the web control panel in-depth. A good one allows you to adjust ALL facets of your ventrilo server, not just one or two.

3) I recommend based on personal experience, and also have heard a lot of quality feedback about
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Default = rocks.
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