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Default Setting up a new server but can't connect

Hi - I setup a new vent server. I havent done this in a while, but it seems simple enough... I forwarded ports 60001 to 3874 on the node I have vent installed on and also 6100 to the same node. I forwarded UDP and TCP. I turned off the windows firewall. I do not have any other firewalls installed on the node. I even went as far as temporarally disabling the firewall on my router, but that didn't help either.

I can connect locally to the server on port 3874. When I put in my external IP and port 60001, it says it found the server, yet when I connect it gets stuck at synchronizing. Every help doc I've found online says something is blocking port 6100, but it's properly forwarded and all firewalls are turned off... I do not understand why it isn't working. Any help??
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Most home routers will not redirect a connection if you specify your external ipaddress or DNS hostname in the Ventrilo Client > Server setup.

if you can connect locally then you have the pc setup correctly. in order to test the external connection you will need to have someone outside of your lan to try and connect.
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