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Default individual volume

i know in windows version you go into special effects. but i just got a mac, and when i go on special effects to control an individual volume, it just says that it is not supported.

so my question is... how do you control an individual's volume on mac version of ventrilo?
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Currently, you don't.
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Default When?

Any idea if/when this functionality will be added to the Mac client? I think I'm suffering permanent hearing loss when certain folks speak.
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Unhappy How much longer do Mac users get ignored?

I have been waiting for SFX to get implemented in the Mac client as well. There are some people that talk very LOUD and others are very low. This causes my hears to hurt. How much longer do Mac users get ignored? With Mac's becoming more popular and more people using them, it baffles me as to why it is taking so long to implement such a BASIC feature as individual volume controls.
Can someone give an answer as to how much longer it will take to get this feature for the Mac client?
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Originally Posted by Balthezaar View Post
and people always wonder why i recommend that it is better to adjust how loud or soft someone appears to be on their end then mine...

why make 6 people lower someones "incoming loudness" when i can ask one person to lower their outgoing.

Option one doesnt work for macs.
Option two works regardless....
well mainly cause most of the other 6 people have already adjusted their incoming volume of the one that is super loud. And sometimes it is very difficult to explain how to have them adjust their outgoing volume when they do not know much about what they are doing.
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