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Default Can't see or hear others in vent channel

So when I log on to Vent, I can't hear anyone else, nor does Vent show me that there is anyone but me on the channel. However, everyone else can see and hear me. Yes, It's a Speex server, yes I have the Universal Access thing enabled. It's the latest version of Vent and the latest version of Leopard with all software up to date.
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me too!

when i first logged on, i was able to see everyone, but our server wasn't using speex, so i coudln't hear or talk. the admin gracefully (nor not) changed the codec over to use speex, but since then when i log on i can't see anyone else. today i tried deleting and reinstalling vent, but now it won't connect to the server (which may simply be down, i don't know).

oddly, my husband had the exact same problem on his computer, but he's running windows, not mac. the admin deleted his account and he recreated it and he could see everyone online the first time he ran it, but not subsequent times. he uninstalled vent from his pc, even wiped it from the registry, and reinstalled and still can't see anyone even though they can see him.

i wonder if some setting got changed that causes this to happen for us (something was changed to allow both of us to log on showing the same ip, so that's my suspicion), but no one else on our server. it will require some more testing to come up with the minimum requirements to reproduce it, but i just wanted to say that you aren't alone. if you figure something out, let us know!
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