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During the time i have downloaded Ventrilo i have been getting rather annoyed with it. I cannot speak to my felloe guild members as this error message keeps popping up, Failed to open input device. Another program might have it open already. rc = -10... I've asked them for suggestions but everyone i have been given hasn't come clear to solving the problem.
I am using a Headset called Gembird AP-870.I have searched the web trying to find a solution but have found nothing that can help me.. If anyone knows how i can solve this i will be grateful.

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@ techsupport

(did you copy from this old post from 2010)

the input device refers to the microphone. are you running any other apps that require access to the mic?

also plz check the info 3 posts above
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Thanks for your article, I'm having this problem and it has been fixed
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Please follow the following steps:-
Open the classic Control Panel app.
Navigate to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Sound.
On the Recording tab of the sound dialog, select the desired input device from the list of available devices.
Click on the Set default button

Hope so your problem will resolve

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first, goto vent setup voice-binds-speech tabs and set the output/input devices to the actual name of the headset you're using.

set the hardware-mixer to 'none' and test. then try setting it to the same name as the input device.

clik the 'recording' button and disable all of the unused devices. rt-clik on a device and first enable both 'show' options. then select the unused devices and clik disconnect

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