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Default no servers are working

I have used ventrilo for years without problems and I got a new computer a little while ago and installed vent onto it. At first all the servers were working and then all of the sudden every server was suddenly telling me I had the incorrect password when none of them even have passwords "Connected to server but unable to authenticate your login name and password..." I have checked the information countless times, tried reinstalling vent, tried deleting all the servers and entering them again. I have seen a few people on the forums with this problem but no solutions, can anyone help me out?
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First thing is to check the Macintosh Troubleshooting Thread

#6 and #15

and let us know what the result is of #15 if #6 doesn't fix it.

Also make sure your Firewall is turned OFF on your Mac. Check it under
System Preferences->Security->Firewall Tab and make sure Firewall says Off.
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