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Default Another "I can't speak on Vent" cry for help

I'm a WoW player and can't communicate with everyone else in my new guild. Problem... I can hear them but they can't hear me. My lights don't go green when I speak into my mic. I have used Ventrilo successfully on several other occasions - just not with this guild. I don't know if it's my hardware or not, though what I have just written suggests that the problems is in my software setup. I have fairly non-standard sound equipment though, so I thought I'd run both hardware and software by you and see if you have any idea how I might solve this.

As for hardware, I run a G5 Mac with OS 10.4.9. My sound I/O device is an M-Audio Firewire 410, an external Digital /Analog converter. I plug a standard dynamic vocal mic directly into the box. I'm a full-time professional musician and occasional audio engineer and, therefore, know that this setup (though a bit more cumbersome than a headset) is perfectly capable of getting sound into my computer.

As for software, under "Test With" I am set on the Speex Codec and Format 16kHz, 16 bit, 7 Qlty.

"Enable outgoing voice communication" is checked. "Use Push-To_Talk Hotkey" and "Play key clicks" are unchecked. Hotkey reads UNK:T0,C0 - Silence time 3.0 Seconds - Sensitivity 60.

Sound Outputs and Inputs are set to Firewire 410 Multichannel with Line Input close to Max. Outbound and Inbound Amplifiers are set near the middle of the spectrum.

I know my server uses the Speex Codec, so might it be the Format that is set wrong?

Also, do you have a specific make and model headset that you can recommend that you know for certain is fully compatible with Ventrilo? I really want to solve this immediately. I am new to the guild and it reflects poorly on me to be the only one incapable of communicating with the others. Please help me put an end to my embarrassment. Thanks.
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Set it up with push-to-talk first. If you get that working, you can mess with voice-activated later.

I use a Logitech USB headset I bought at Best Buy.
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Default It Works

Hallelujah! I can finally Talk. Thanks for your help. I'll bug you again when I buy my headset. All the best.
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