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Default Problems with USB headset

I am having a problem with Ventrilo with my Logitech USB headset.

I was having problems with the sound in them completely, however for some reason switching the USB port fixed it. Don't ask me why.

However, the only program that I still cannot get to come through my USB headset speakers is Ventrilo.

I am on OS X 10.4.9. I am on Vent 2.3.2 Prototype 15 for OS X. I believe my headset is a Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. I am on an iBook PPC G4 @ 1.33 GHz with 768 MB of RAM.

Teamspeex comes through my USB headset speakers. I can change my sound settings on the Mac to have the regular audio come through the USB headset. It seems I need to have the headset in a certain port for this, but I am unsure as to why that is.

People on Vent can hear me talking, and the sound is coming from my USB mic. However, I can only hear them if I set Vent to come out of my built-in audio speakers. Needless to say, this is quite annoying.

Has anyone else had this problem using a USB headset with Vent on a Mac like this?

EDIT: for some reason, now that I tried resetting the sound options on the program, the sound just magically started coming out of the USB headset.

I do not understand what happened...

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I use that exact headset and have no problems routing the Ventrilo to the headset. I suspect you experienced a temporary glitch.

Since you're on an IBook it's probably not an issue, but I'll go ahead and mention that you should always plug the headset directly into a USB port on the computer. Using one on a USB hub can frequently cause issues.
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I have a logitech usb 350 headset and have had similar problems on my desktop.switched usb port and i can hear music but start ventrilo and it locks us and i cant close ventrilo at all.All i can do is crash computer to restart.Please help!!!!
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