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Default can't even get it to install, please help

right off the bat i am a noob. first time trying to get vent on my mac so i can chat on WoW. i have tried for days to find the answer. i download the client, unzip it, try to run installer and i get the following error message error -1.

i have searched everywhere i can think for the answer. i'm running mac os x 10.5.8. i tried emptying the safari cache and dowloading again, no help. i made sure to enable universal devices in system preferences, still nothin.

has anyone gotten this error message before? and how did you get around it?
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Here are a few thoughts.

I would say that the issue is independent of Safari. i.e the download worked fine but the install is where things went wrong.

That error typically indicates a corrupted operating system or user account.

first thing to do is to run Disk Utility and Repair Permissions and the try again.

second thing to try is to download the 10.5.8 combo update from apples website and try installing that. If successful, try installing vent again.

If that all fails, use the system preferences and create a new user account and try to install it on the new account. If it works then the the user account you were using is corrupted.

I would strongly suggest avoiding all of the above and simply purchasing Snow Leopard (10.6) assuming your mac supports it and installing that - more than likely that will fix the issue and give you an updated opating system to boot.

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Hmmmmm, that's a little strange. You can try finding a tool that uninstalls the Safari for you with a .dmg if the trash method does not work:
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