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Default Help request - bluetooth headset

Hi guys, i know this isn't exactly windows drivers and program support but i'm sure some of you have crossed the same problem i'm facing and i'm at my witts end trying to find a solution.

First i'll explain that i have this

Dongle: Bluewave H&H-006 -
Headset : Belkin Bluetooth USB 100m -

I've managed to install the drivers and pickup the device, it's listed as a audio device and is successfully paired using the key code. However under services i see no list what so ever to tick, from poking around google i've managed to discover i need the service to enable the headset on windows for it to be able to work on ventrillo, well at least pick it up.

I've tried the obvious of contacting the manufacturer's about this but you know what those guys are like, doubt i'll even get a useful reply.

Thanks for reading this and any support is greatly appreciated!
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i am actually having the same problem with an XP installation. The bluetooth device connection, but no services are enabled for it. I have not figured it out yet. May need to reinstall something.
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