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Default Push to Talk getting stuck

Ever since I started using vent begining with version .6 no matter what my push to talk key is, it will become "stuck". The button itself on the keyboard will function fine but in vent my mic will stay stuck on transmitting even if I press and depress the PTT key. I don't use a key like capslock that actually locks, I use the Option key.

Lately this sticking issue has become more prevalent. Pretty much everyday it happens at least once and unless I'm in window mode I wont know without people on vent telling me the mic is qued. Again this isnt the key itself becoming physically stuck in a down position, it is some odd occurrence in vent that will arbitrarily que my mic when i hold my PTT key and wont unque it when I let go. Another mac user on my vent has the same problem but no where as consistently as I do. His seems to occur once a week if that.

Flagship have you ever seen anything remotely close to this happen in your testing or know of a certain program or combination of keys that if pressed could cause this? Should I not use my Option key? One last thing this problem still persists even if I bind another key besides Option.
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I've seen this happen if I accidentally hit the caps lock key at the same time as my PTT key.
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Well, I'm sorry to say Gilroy is correct. It seems that if the caps-lock is lit before you press the option key (as your PTT key) it will get stuck in the on state.

It just so happens that these two keys, along with control and command, are treated differently from other keys so it should be easy to find and fix.

Thanks for that little nugget of information Gilroy.

I have added it to the known issues page.

Flagship Industries, Inc.

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I noticed that capslock problem yesterday but it kept occurring through out the night and I am rarely typing and queing to talk on vent at the same time. At one point I was windowed, not typing anything, qued mic and it stuck. Not hitting capslock is not the final solution to this problem. Also as I already stated, other keys cause this to occur. The option, command and control keys are not the culprits.
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