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Default Increased Delay

I have been using Ventrilo for about a month with no problems. But in the last week I have been having a problem where my speech is severly delayed. It starts out fine but within a minute or so there are increased gaps from the time when I speak till the time when it is heard by other people. Until it reaches delays as long as 4 or 5 minutes. At which point I will usually give up. People on the other side also say that the communication is choppy, and words in sentances are spaced farther and farther apart. I hear them just fine.

I have tried deleting Vent and re-downloading it. I have switched my USB logitech Headset from the hub to plugging it directly into the computer's USB port. I have checked my settings, and nothing has changed. I am still set for the speex codec and have both the input and output set for my USB headset.

I have called my ISP and checked to make sure my bandwith on the DSL connection is running full speed. They have tested the line to my modem repeatedly and tell me that I have top signal/speed. I am plugged into my modem using ethernet (not wireless). What else can I do??

Does anyone have a suggestion? I feel like I have tried everything. And I am baffled as to why after working for over a month with few issues, I am now experiencing this problem seemingly out of nowhere.
Thank you
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