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Default I can hear them, but they cant here me.

Ive been using Vent for a few months now with no problems but, suddenly the other day, when I came on to vent and tried to talk, no one could hear me. Ive tried all the obvious stuff, different mics, made sure i wasnt muted anywhere, turned up outbound. The mic works for other programs and people can hear me in the in game chat. Ive been scouring threads looking for other people with similar issuse and found no solution.. please can someone help.
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just tryin to help
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does your icon turn green when keying up?

in vent setup, is the input device set correctly?
is the line input slider set at a good level

is the outbound amplifier set to 0

is 'enable outgoing voice' checked?

on vent main window at bottom, are the 'mute' boxes unchecked?
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Here's a link to the Mac setup. Walk through the steps and let us know if there were any differences:
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