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Default they can't hear me but i can hear them

i have the new mini mac and I have tried everything to get my vent to work, I was on a pc and it worked fine but now I have no idea how to get it working. I have tried everything suggested in this forum but still nothing. Any other suggestions??
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just tryin to help
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does your icon turn green when keying up?

when you speak do the other users see your icon in green or yellow?

in the mac sound properties setup for the mic, doe you see the meter bar move when you talk?

and check the replies from your other post -
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Are you using a USB headset or one that plugs into the line input on the mini?
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remember to hold down the left control button when you want to speak.

its easy to forget that this is push-to-talk, so even though your microphone is working and your computer gets the voice input, ventrilo wont until you press that left control button.
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Does it work say if the Ventrilo Client is Active (the program you currently have selected)? Does the problem start when moving to a different application or game?

If so close vent. right click the Icon, click run as administrator. See if that fixes the issue?

Good luck
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