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Default At Wits End...Help

Hey guys,

I have been using vent for quite a long time.

Recently, I lost the ability to transmit sound. I was talking with a guildmate when suddenly, I wasnt queuing up anymore.

I thought, must be the I got another one from my office...still no luck. So I went to the store and purchased a new USB mic.

I have done the Vent mic test, and it records and plays back everything perfectly, I just can't queue up. I made sure I hadn't muted myself, and I also made sure that I didnt change the hotkey...

I have exhausted every option that I can fathom. I even uninstalled and reinstalled 3.0 a number of times.

I am not the most tech saavy person on the planet, so please keep any ideas to a minimalist in the tech jargon.

I am the admin on my vent server, and I can't speak as admin either. (I also cannot queue up in my user to user whisper binds.)

Thanks in advance,
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