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Default Will this computer run vent?

I am a mac user and I have decided to do what I should have done months ago - buy a crap PC laptop while waiting for the OSX release of Vent.

Keep in mind, this computer is going to be running vent and nothing else while I play WoW on my Mac.

So requirements are very basic:
Run vent reliably
Be compatable with my cable internet connection

I read the requirements for vent, and Im not sure if this one meets the sound card requirement nor not. The description on the auction is worthless. So, the purpose of this thread is pretty much to find out if anyone knows if this computer comes with an acceptable sound card.
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After looking on google I found out that the laptop in question uses the following chipsets.
ESS 1869
ESS 1688

I could not find any information linking the chipsets to ventrilo, but there are ment to be sound-blaster compatable.
Agian I do not know if they are full duplex but maybe checking the ESS website may give you some more information.
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