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Default Echo Sounds

Hello to anyone who can help

I just purchased a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset.

I also use Windows 7

When I log onto Ventrilo I hear a background noise like you are tuned into Radio station that isn't receiving you know your sound is on because you hear something Faint 100% of the time. When someone talks they sound a bit like they are in a tunnel.

When I speak I come off as if I am in a tunnel and the sound is not clear.

Outside of Ventrilo any other programs I use my mic in sound clear and sounds perfect so i know it is not the headset.

I have been on Speex 32KHz, 16bbit 10Qlty vents as well as GSM 6.10 44KHz 16bit

So i know the Codex is most likely not the problem. Creative labs has no support from what I could find so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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try plugging the headset into a different usb port, one that is on the motherboard and not a hub.

in vent setup/voice-binds-speech tabs, set the output/input devices to enable 'use directsound' then set the names to that of the headset.

try disconnecting any other usb devices just to test

in the creative audio manager program, try disabling the CMSS 3d and Crystallizer options. same for ALchemy
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