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Default Help Me Please!!!!!

Ok here is my issue. I am running an Audigy 2 with all the latest drivers. Ventrilo works fine as I have it setup with a Logitech USB Headset. The problem is when I log into World of Warcraft I cannot hear people talking back but they can hear me. Yes I have read the help docs but I do not have audio hq on my machine and called creative they said my card is set to 32 simultaneous wave playback by defualt. I cannot find anywhere to set the card to full duplex or what not. Can someone help me solve this issue? I have attached my ventrilo setup for your refrence.

Ok so I lied it wont attach. If you can help I could email you the pic
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that card IS full duplex. Have you updated your Windows XP. do you have Ventrilo muted in Ventrilo's options. If nothing else join and page Titansniper. I will help
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