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Default Lag/Soft Locks etc...

Hey all, I've been running Vent and loving it for about 2 years now, but recently began to experience problems with soft locks when I go from menu to menu, (say, from main window to setup) where the mouse freezes in place. Also, in WoW, I have moments where I d/c, then reconnect with a huge ping and get bombarded with everyone's voices at once. I also get "data moving too fast" or whatever the message is, and although it suggests I select directsound, it already has been selected along with the proper sound card option.

Here is the tricky part. I've got two computers, both with Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinums. The older computer runs Ventrilo perfectly, but it is not the machine I use for gaming. My new gaming PC experiences the troubles mentioned above, with the SAME settings as the other computer. The hardware is quite different, with the PC in question running an AMD X2 4200+ (I saw that dual cores might be the problem?). They're both on the same router, so I'm really at a loss for things to do.
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on the new machine,

make sure sound and lan card drivers are up to date.
in vent setup > misc > set process priority to high
is there anything you can try disabling using the soundcards config utility?
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hmm wonder if this is the wonderful Creative drivers striking again! they have been notoriously buggy in SMP systems. IF you have the capability to disable one of the cores in the BIOS, try it running with only one processor.

but then again, windows did load the multi-processor kernel with the initial install, hmmmm (just thinking out loud).
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