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Default Distorted and choppy sound

I have been using ventrilo for a few months with no problems. THe server I usually connect to just changed to the Speex Codec so that Mac Users could use ventrilo. Since I dont have a mic, I only listen to Ventrilo, I did not update my client to the beta to be fully compatible with speex. Everything was fine for a day or so. Then I started noticing some very bad sound problems- people would cut out while talking, sound is very choppy and its all very random. Person A will be very clear one second, then not clear at all the next.

Player A says:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

What I hear is:

The ick br n ox j mp d ove he la y dog

This gets worse the more people that are talking at once.

I use this for World of Warcraft. At precisely the same time I started having this problem, i noticed my in-game sound was very distorted and fuzzy, especially on bass tones or lower register sounds. This is caused by ventrilo as far as I can tell- If I play WoW for several hours with ventrilo not running, I have no sound problems. if I enable ventrilo and enter a channel with people speaking, my sound immediately begins to distort in-game, despite any in game settings. If I turn off Ventrilo, the sound will clear up and go back to normal within a few minutes.

I was originally using my onboard sound ( C-Media AC97) when this started. I uninstalled it and disabled it in BIOS, then installed a PCI card ( turtlebeach SantaCruz) and am having the same problems.

I uninstalled ventrilo and installed the beta client, problem is still there. No one else connecting to this vent server seems to have this problem.

I have also tried turning down sound acceleration in DX9 ( dxdiag) and this does not seem to matter either.

How else can I trouble shoot this problem?
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I have been trying to help my friend with this issue. Our Ventrilo host changed to Speex so Mac users could communicate. As a side effect, my friend suffers from regular (timed) breaks in his chat. About every 2 seconds he gets cut off with a clicking noise.

He is running:
Dell Dimension 4600 / Windows XP
Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio
Ventrilo Beta 2.3.2.Beta.1 (Speex 16KHz, 16bit, 9Qlty)
Verizon DSL

We uninstalled and upgraded his onboard audio drivers and upgraded to Ventrilo's new beta version. Our Speex codec is locked in at 16KHz, 16bit, 9Qlty.

He is basically 1/40+ Windows users suffering from this issue, which leads me to believe this is a driver issue with his onboard audio. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much in terms of related issues in the various forums.
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