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Default Static when Broadcasting - Already read FAQ

Before anyone points me to the following

80% of the time or more when I try to broadcast while running Ventrilo it will broadcast static in addition to what I am saying. I have no issues recording using built in Sound recorder, and I have no issues using Teamspeak client and MSN Live Video audio chat.

Evga 680i MB
EVGA 8800 GTX Video Cards x2
Corsair DDR2 XMS 4gb memory
Silverstone 750w powersupply
Vista Ultimate (mainly for dx10, love to play crysis)
ISP connection is FIOS 15mb down 2mb up

Here some of the things I have done so far....
1. Bought new Headphones TurtleBeach Ear Force HPA2, they use the onboard HD audio sound card (Realtec) on my EVGA 680i motherboard. Insure ventrilo has the correct Input and Output configuration, enable direct sound. Keep in mind that it sometimes works 20% of the time with no issue.

2. Exchanged HPA2 earphones for TurtleBeach AKR8, these have a USB sound card with them. So I disabled the ON Board sound card and just use the SRM sound card that is on the USB sound card and I have the exact same results. Two different sounds cards??

--- At this point I belived it had to be a TB issue, they have a few issues
on there FAQ related to static and bus | power issue's.

3. For giggles, I removed one of my 8800GTX video cards even though I was not showing any power/fan/heat issue's but want to get this fixed.

4. Installed Clean Copy of Vista

5. Tried Every Codex\Format Vent offer's, it only makes the static sound more crisp or louder.

6. Tried the bind funtion "Reset Sound Device"

It does seem to me that Vent is competiting with some other resource which is probably causing the static but I can shut down most services on the PC and still have the issue.

If the issue occured on teamspeak or anywhere else I use Vox I would understand, but I also do Videa chat using MSN IM with friends and have no issue there.

Was testing around, and had my Audio manager open while I was testing Ventrilo, noticed that as soon as I hit "test" (within vent) that my MIC level would peg out, I use PTT so just clicking test should not enage the MIC..then when I did PTT the MIC I get static. As a test tried it again, this time after "test" pegged the MAX level in the audio manager, I just manaully adjusted it and NO STATIC everytime. However I have no idea how to fix this, not sure why Vent is Pegging the MIC level it's typically set about 30%. Hope this helps getting to a resolution. or

Well, not sure why but moving my PTT button off my mouse (required direct input to be enabled) has stopped the MIC level from pegging out and consquently appears to have resolved the static issue. I would suggest anyone else having a similar issue try disabling Use Direct Input to detect Hot Key and switch your PTT button to something that does not require DI. A good way to validate if this is your issue is by watching your MIC input level it, if it pegs out when you even click setup from within vent you apparently have a Direct Input issue. I have no clue how to resolve it so you can use DI and your choice of buttons for PTT..but least it's something

Any idea's?

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it could be that another app has a link into the mouse-5 button. can you set mouse-5 to something like 'generic' in the mouse config app?

also, did you try setting 'discard hotkey' in vent setup

and, set vent to 'run as administrator' - rt-clik the icon
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