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Default Microphone Volume to low...

Hey everyone, I've been using vent for a while now but recently I updated my Mobo/ram/ and CPU and since then have been having problems with vent/my microphone volume.

I have the Audio Fx Pro 5.1 USB Headset, it apparenlty uses C-Media CM108 as its audio codec. Sometimes people say I sound like a robot/static in ventrillo and I have no way of fixing it but waiting a few minutes and it randomly turns itself off and on...

Not only that but I am apparently really low in ventrillo also, My sound is fine but my microphone output is low to everyone. Now, I don't sound like robot when I use windows recorder to replay myself but my voice is so low I can barely hear it.

Problems(for people who wont read above):

Microphone Volume extremely low
robot/static in ventrillo randomly


OS: Vista Home Premium
USB Headset: Audio FX Pro 5.1 with C-Meda CM 108 codec
CPU: E8400 Wolfdale@ 3.00GHz
Mobo:Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L-LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX

Anyone have any ideas? PLEASE HELP!!! Its been like this for over 2 months... It's starting to drive me crazy.

EDIT- Here is a picture because I'm sure its going to be asked... microphone volume and microphone boost are at max/100. is my website but for some reason imgshack or photobucket wouldnt allow me to link the image.

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just tryin to help
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thx for the pics.
let's see if we can get the volume problem in vista to work first. i suspect once that's working then vent will sound ok.

does your mic properties include options like 'noise suppression', 'accoustic echo cancellation' that can be disabled?

are there any updated drivers associated with that headset?
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Yea, I have the updated drivers, without them my mic is so loud I can't turn anything down. I turn down my speakers to one and its still really loud. My mic is actually louder without the headset drivers. Without them instead of microphone boost there is "AGC" w/e that means. Once i install the drivers my microphone actually becomes softer/i sound lower and "AGC" changes to microphone boost which is checked. So with the drivers my mic actually becomes softer...
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Great Support!
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