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Originally Posted by napstyle
Does anyone know how to talk on Vent because it doesn't even make the icon green when i press the thing and does it have to do with Speex and that stuff need help???
1) Speex is a codec ("coder-decoder") that converts air waves into bits and back again. Both your client and the server have to have Speex selected.

2) From the setup screen again, you need to select your sources. If it says Default, it is likely wrong. Select the actual inputs from the drop down list.

3) Try using the Monitor button and speaking into the mic. This will tell you if the mic is live - a stream of numbers (presumably volume samples) starts scrolling down. If it doesn't then Vent can't see your mic.

4) Make sure Mute Mic is not selected in the main window. There may be an issue where it is selected but does not display.

If any of this helps tell me, as I am still struggling.
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