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It has been awhile, but I recently discovered new info.

I have tried using different usb ports, this did not make any difference.


Yesterday I unplugged my logitech G15 usb keyboard and everything worked! Don't ask why I didn't try this before...

So, it appears that the issue only occurs when both my G15 keyboard and usb headset are plugged in. I'd really rather continue to use the G15, and I've emailed tech support for both logitech (keyboad) and Turtle Beach (headset), and of course they point fingers at each other and/or ventrilo...

The G15 has a custom application for programming the keyboard, but when I uninstall this (just using the Windows built-in usb keyboard drivers) the problem persists. The G15 also has a built-in 2-port usb hub, but when I plug the headset in I get a low-power usb error.

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