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My guild tried all the different settings. The guild I am in is pretty big and they do Blackwing lair, Molten Core, and Onyxia runs pretty much every day. The more people who are on the vent server the lower the quality with speex, they have 40 people + talking in the same channel for these big raids and speex just can't seem to handle it. For the moment I have to have a friend of mine Direct Connect radio me via nextel to tell me what the scenario and strategy is for bosses and such, which is very much so frustrating.

Yea like I am gonna leave one of the best guilds on my server, which soon will be decking me out in full stormrage and cenarion gear, because they won't change to a lower quality codec =/. Maybe I will join a 10 man mac guild and never get to do any of the fun parts of the game, no thanks, then I can use vent to do 5 man low instance runs woohoo. I have been known as the "mac guy" and the "NO vent guy" for years. Is it really that tough to incorporate gsm to the mac vent?

It would be nice to get a reply from official ventrilo staff on this issue.

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