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Of course I've tried both. As I mentioned in my previous post, if I use the built-in mic and crank up line input and outbound all the way, I can be faintly heard thru the horrible, eardrum blasting, banned for life from vent-ish noise
Note for future readers:

1) The internal mic on tonmeister's Mac worked fine. The horrible noise he described was when the fan of the laptop kicked on.

2) We then switched back to his preferred configuration, which was using his home audio gear to the sound-in port of his Mac. (Since it's audio gear, he's able to provide line-level input that the Mac requires)

With this setup, his icon would turn green, but no sound was heard. The input level on the sound control panel was fine. Thus, it was natural to assume something was wrong with Ventrilo.

However, to be sure that there was sound that Ventrilo should be picking up but wasn't, we downloaded a demo of a sound recording app and tried that. What we found is that only the right channel of input was making it into the computer. Ventrilo is apparently picking up the left-channel.

tonmeister changed cables on his input setup so that both channels would receive input and Ventrilo began working normally.
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