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Default MSG: contacting server

i have read many threads about this issue but.. i guess i should put mine in i have an issue with connecting to a vent server. everything is put in right i have checked over them at least 20 times over.

i connect to that server with out any issue what so ever. when i use telnet i get this

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

when i use that website and i connect to the demo vent servers i can connect to all of the USA and canada servers.. but with the server from south africa and amsterdam i get the same thing.. just sits at MSG: contacting server.

i have all the ports i need open i am on a college network..

3866 UDP and TCP
TCP ports: 3784 & 9000
UDP ports: 5000 & 6100.

all those are open.

thats my story if you need anything else just ask.
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