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Default problems with mac & vent 2.3.2 prototype 7

Hi, I have ventrillo 2.3.2 prototype 7 and an iMac 2.1 Ghz PowerPCG5 with a Logitech USB headset. I can use everything no problems (thanks for the Mac version) but very often, for no apparent reason, I will not be able to talk (be heard) over vent while I can still hear. Restart seems to fix it temporarily but lately its been acting up more than normal. Is this just a problem with this version of the program or can I help this with the settings, either on my vent or between the server and my computer (vent) etc...

I'm not a computer genius, but if there is something not too difficult that anyone has experienced before, or if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it!
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