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Originally Posted by saverrio
I have installed VPC 6 (Powerbook G4 1.33ghz) and VPC 7 (Dual G5) with both running XP. I added a cheap USB Sound device and WALLA! The teamspeak worked perfect, so I decided to try Ventrilo. No Dice! voice would lock up the program and I would have to quit and restart ventrilo to get it connected again. kind of pointless.

My advice is wait for a final version for OS X that will work.

Well there is your difinitive answer.
NO you can not use Ventrilo on VPC, but you can use Teamspeak.
Actually this is wrong. I'm currently running Vent on VPC 6 running XP. I'm on a G4 Duel 1.25 GHz machine. No, it won't recognize a mic, and when I try to use one it kills the sound on the app, and I have to restart VPC all together. But I CAN hear a GSM vent through VPC 6. Granted the sound quality is really bad, but I would assume that's VPC's fault. And since this isn't how the app is supposed to be run, I wasn't expecting much. But it works.

This is helpful if I'm hopping on another guild's vent for an event or w/e.
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