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Default Mac OS 10.8, how to uninstall....

I purchased a new iMac running system 10.8 ...
I have a bindings issue in that some keys only work when Vent is the front application. When Ventrilo is behind WarBirds: I CAN get the option key to transmit to all four channels that I wish to talk to AND if I change the option key to 'switch channels' it works and switches channels. However if i try to use the t key or say keypad 7,8,9 to switch channels, it won't work when Vent is behind Warbirds.
I have tried to delete Ventrilo using previously posted info, but I can't seem to find all the files, as when I reinstall ventrilo my old settings and bindings are still there. I trashed the ventrilo application and the folder named ventrilo in the library/preferences/ventrilo.
Oh, i'm using the extended (with keypad) USB keyboard.
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