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Exclamation 10.5 Leopard Compatibility Problem?

I'm running a beta version of 10.5 and there are a few applications that have not worked in my trials in strange little ways. For the first two hours after installing vent, I thought it was a problem with the app, but after trying it on my second 10.4 system, it works fine.

In the initial screen, the bottom left there is a scroll box that displays the channel hierarchy so that you can choose the appropriate channel and see who in that channel is talking, etc. Under 10.4, there isn't a single problem, but the ONLY thing in 10.5 that doesn't work is that I can't see _anything_ in that box. Upon connection, it *changes* and the horizontal scroll disappears - it does this when running in 10.4 - but unlike in 10.4, the list doesn't show up - just white.

It's become a guild joke that when I log in, I call for help in the lobby, and our admin boots me to the channel I need.

I've tried to do some debugging, so here's what I've found with running under 10.5:

1. When you connect to a server, no channel list or status (who's speaking) are given.
2. When you try to bind a key to join a channel and it polls the server for a list to choose from, it cannot get the list (or at least display it).
3. If you try to join a default channel, it works as long as it's only once leaf deep (but this may be a syntax thing).
4. Once the admin moves me into the proper channel, everything else
works perfectly fine except that you can never see any channel-related information.

Any help would be appreciated, though as with most software with this sort of bug, I know it's hard for you to test yourselves as few people have access to 10.5 Leopard. I can provide screen shots if requested, though since it has details about my user and server, I'd rather not post them on a public board (though I guess I *could* edit the phots).

Thank you.
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