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First off I request that you make the person in charge of your Guild's vent aware of this thread so that he may read it.

The guy whos in charge of it said that there is a difference due to bandwidth differences between pc and mac and that pc was basically better.
Incorrect. Bandwidth is not a feature or constraint of the computer, that is purely down to the network connect and the internet connection. An internet connection will run at the same speed on the PC as it does with a Mac; assuming appropriate interfaces. The standards of which are commonly sufficient on both.

finally got them to change it to speex but too many people complained there was a great difference in quality.
This suggest two things. The windows suers did not download the latest version of the Ventrilo client (marked Beta on the downloads page) which all users are encouraged to do. Secondly, the change of codec was not done correctly. Sounds like the setting for speex was too low to match the higher setting that was used for GSM. This quality CAN be matched using speex, and even bettered as there are far more configuration options available. What your vent admin has to do is select a Speex setting that matches the bandwidth usage that is set with GSM and you will not lose any quality.

For example:

GSM @ 11KHz 16 bit -> Speex @ 16 KHZ 16 bit quality 5

GSM @ 22KHz 16 bit -> Speex @ 32KHz 16 bit quality 9

The above comparisons use the same bandwidth (roughly) and the quality matches respectively. But this can be experimented by your guild either on the server or just on their own clients in the set-up to find something that is suitable.
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