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Originally Posted by shidarin
WoW is notorious for wiping out other applications Key Bind settings. WoW even wipes out your Expose settings!

Without enabling the Universal Access, you can also use any of the modifier keys (Command, Shift, Control, Tab, Option) as the PTT hotkey, and it will hold into WoW. Several of those keys are in constant use, but the Option and the Control key are usually free.

I set the Control key to be my PTT key, since I use th Option key for some flexbar events. I then binded the Control key to my middle mouse button using USB Overdrive (as it IS difficult to reach when doing the ASWD style) and viola, no UA issues, easy on mouse activation.
WoW no longer whipes out your Expose settings. But I don't need any Universal Access to make my PTT button to work. BTW, my PTT button is a side button on my Logitech MX 510 (It used to be control and it worked w/o Universal Access) and I didn't have to use USB overdrive. I just selected the field and pushed the button.
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