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Default Broadcasting audio causes system shutdown


So Vent was working for some time, and since then the only thing I've installed were a couple items. First an antivirus, and second DivX. I have since uninstalled both, and however am left with the same issue.

When I hit the push to talk button, or even just listen in for a while, it locks my entire computer up. I have to power cycle to just get the system back.

I have the latest drivers/chipset/bios installed, and have seen other issues similar here.

I as well, have selected the Directsound element, and selected my source, so that's all good as is the advice in other threads.

I run as "Admin" so that's not it either.

Honestly I'm at a loss here. There's no logs in the windows system to tell me what's going on, because the lockup is so complete. Vent logs seem equally uninformative.



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