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Default Can't connect to my server

Last week the program was working fine, I could host and friends could join.
Now, I can't join my own server and my friends could. Yet while attempting to fix this problem, my friends nor myself could join my server.

I've uninstalled both the client and server and re-installed them ... still did not work
I've shut my firewall off ....still did not work
I've uninstalled my security ....still did not work
I've re-installe my security ... still did not work
I've removed and re-allowed Firewall Rules for Ventrilo ...still did not work
I've rebooted my computer and I did recieve a message that a TCP port could not be located. (not sure what this means)

I can join onto other servers.

I'm not much of a computer wizard but I've tried all the things I can think of.

Can you suggest something.
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