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Default Bad flanging over time

Hoping someone can give me some advice with this. Basically after an amount of time my voice gets seriously flanged on vent, my guildies call it my robot voice. Sometimes all incoming voices are robots instead. A restart of Vent fixes it, temporarily at least. But sometimes it happens to WoW sounds as well - when this happens I generally lose all sound shortly after and have have to restart my computer.

I have a MacBookPro 2.16Ghz version, 2GB of RAM and OSX 10.5.1. I also have a Logitech USB Headset. My guess is the soundcard is getting over worked or over heated or something. Has anyone else experienced this and have any suggestions what I can do to reduce the load on it? Voicechat in WoW is disabled and I've tried setting number of channels to low, but it still happens.
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